Teamspeak synchronization and Steam Profile integration

You have not yet synchronized your profile with our Teamspeak server! >>> Click here <<< and learn how the synchronization works!

Dear community members, and those who want to become one :) ,

It's been running for two days: Our Teamspeak synchronization and our Steam integration. We (the admins) have been busy testing and configuring that everything works perfectly together. How you activate and use all of this, we will explain to you right now.

Let's start with the Steam integration:

  • If you are logged into your profile, click on your profile picture (control center) and there on edit profile
  • Then you scroll all the way down and you should see the SteamID authentication - there you click on it
  • Then a new page opens where you will be asked to enter your data or (if you are already logged in) simply click on register
  • Enter your details or simply click on Register if your details have already been filled out
  • Complete! Now only the data is synchronized, which can take up to 5 minutes.

If you then click on Steam in the menu bar, you can see who is online / offline, which game is currently being played, which level ... we don't want to reveal more here :).

The teamspeak synchronization continues:

  • Connect to our Teamspeak server and go to the channel above the entrance hall 🔥 Register your Account 🔥
  • Then go to our website and, if you haven't already done so, log in or register
  • If you are logged in to your profile, click on your profile picture (control center)
  • there click on Teamspeak - TeamSpeak Identities
  • then click on + Connect to Teamspeak identity
  • Enter a description and choose your Teamspeak name
  • Click on send - The | Verify-Bot has sent you a private message in Teamspeak which you open and copy the number / letter combination from the text (the easiest way is with a double click)
  • Then switch back to the website and enter the code - then click on send
  • Done - you should now have the server group "Connect with our Homepage!" and "NoAntiProxy" to have.
  • In rare cases the synchronization can take up to 30 minutes, in this case simply click again on your user profile and / or on the start page

Should there still be problems, or the synchronization does not work, please contact the team or write us an email via contact :)