Soon it will be Christmas again ... and we will be handing out our beloved level boosters again :)

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Hello dear community members,

like every year, our Christmas campaign will start soon.

It starts between December 24th, 2021 - December 26th, 2021. To get the Christmas bonus from one

4x LEVELBOOST for 3 days

To collect, you don't have to do anything other than log in sometime between December 24th, 2021 and December 26th, 2021. The bonus is automatically assigned to each of you by the bot - regardless of whether you have been on our Teamspeak for a long time or are brand new. You are also welcome to invite all of your friends here! You can recognize the bonus by the Santa Claus badge.

The bonus ends automatically after 3 days.

Everyone can and is allowed to participate. Everyone? No not really. Users who have been excluded from the ranking or deactivated at their own request do not take part! To ask? Then please use our contact form.