Daily database backup failed

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Dear community members,

some of you have already noticed that our website was not available this morning (December 22nd, 2021). The error was quickly localized, which should restore a database backup. Not a single one of our backups (every 6 hours) over the last 5 days worked - the files were simply not readable or damaged. An even older backup from October 26th, 2021 was able to save a lot since we would have had to completely redo the page. Unfortunately, all articles, comments, private messages, user registrations and settings are current as of October 26th, 2021. We will try to restore the data as best we can - unfortunately this does not include user registrations.

If this affects you and you want to register again, you are welcome to do so. We are now relying on a new backup solution - so this should not happen again. As always, we will keep you up to date here!

// UPDATE 1 (December 22nd, 2021): The website is currently running again in emergency mode

// UPDATE 2 (December 23nd, 2021): All articles under detail work (thanks to Google Webcache) have been restored

// UPDATE 3 (December 23nd, 2021): All menu and menu items have been restored

// UPDATE 4 (December 23nd, 2021): User groups have been restored and existing users have been added again

// UPDATE 5 (December 23nd, 2021) The trophies for the users have been restored and revised at the same time

With that the worst things are done. If you have any questions or problems, please use the comment function. Thank you :)