Our Community Award Winners for 2021 have been announced

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Dear community members,

the year 2022 is now 6 days old and today we finally managed to announce our community award winners for the year 2021.

The winners are:

  • Aschenputtel (who brought all of her WoT mates to the server for us :) )
  • Onkelzfan/Marcel ( who supported us as a supporter and made some suggestions :) )
  • Ramon ( he also supports the community as a supporter )
  • xBlackShadowX/Erwin/Tim ( has been busy reporting bugs to us )

We would have liked to give this award to a few more members, unfortunately not all of them are registered and synchronized on our website. We have made this a prerequisite for the awarding of the award.

If you think you deserve a Community Award, register today (the deadline is still valid until January 31, 2022). Maybe you will be there after all :) - and if not - we have also planned the awarding of the award for the coming years :S