How do I get my own team zone?

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Our team zone (your own team area within the community) is a separate area on our server that allows you to have several permanent channels (1 main channel and a maximum of 6 subchannels).

If you are interested in such an area, simply contact one of the admins on the server or use our contact form.

The team zones are based on channel groups that can be assigned by an admin or a server supervisor. No password is required to enter this channel. Users who do not belong to this team zone have no access to your area.

Please note the following:

To get your own team zone, at least these requirements should be met:

  • You are at least a member level
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You can handle channel rights responsibly
  • and you are at least 5 in a team

These requirements must be met.