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Serverrules EN

General information:
All server administrators reserve the right to change all content on the server at any time, even without notice! This includes changes to the server rules! The server administrators have no obligation to users to justify their actions. Instructions from the entire admin team are to be followed at all times.

§ 1. No harassment and trolling!

§ 2. No insults and threats!

§ 3. No channel hopping!

§ 4. In the public channels (Public Talk 01-16) the playing of music is prohibited!

§ 5. In all public channels (Public Talk 01-16) there is a ban on recording. In private channel recordings may only be made if all users agree

§ 6. Advertising, of any kind, is prohibited!

§ 7. Pornographic, racist and / or offensive nicknames, avatars or channel names are prohibited!

§ 8. The farming of levels or ranking is prohibited and will be punished with exclusion from the ranking!

§ 9. The instructions of the MGC-LE | Teams can be followed at any time!

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us. About the Teamspeak (server team) or via our contact form on our homepage.

The rules were automatically taken note of by connecting to the server. If you violate the rules, you have to expect consequences. The punishment that is imposed is at the sole discretion of the executive administrator!