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What is MGC-LE.de?

MGC-LE.de is now a Teamspeak multi-gaming community. That was not always so ...

We started on July 1st, 2010 as a small clan - with the name BBLE-Clan - in which Counter-Strike: Source was gambled very diligently. After just under a year, the clan disbanded as there were only a few members left. The interests of the remaining members, however, diverged sharply.

On August 7th, 2011, 3 former members of the clan - who also knew each other very well in private - met over a darts game and a few beers. And so the MGC-LE.de community was founded without further ado. MGC-LE stands for MultiGamingCommunity - LEipzig - because the community and the founders have their origins in Leipzig.

Here, too, everything was thrown overboard after almost a year, as no one had the time or inclination to contribute. And so it stayed until March 14th, 2016. Then the game servers were gradually switched off. From then on, only our Teamspeak server remained. This was still used, but mainly no longer by our old members, but by new, unknown ones. So we turned it into a Teamspeak - multi-gaming community - without its own game server, but with many great members.

The complete remake of the Teamspeak server took place on March 25th, 2017. And even today there is always a little tinkering :).

How long has MGC-LE.de been around?

The MGC-LE.de community has been around since 08/07/2011.

What does it cost me?

In short: NOTHING! NADA! NIENDE! ZERO! We offer a completely free and ad-free Teamspeak3 server for you. With us you will not find any appeals for donations, no monthly and no hidden costs.

We only have one goal: Nice people who actively use the server.


At which address can the Teamspeak be reached?

Our Teamspeak³ server can be reached at ts.mgc-le.de or mgc-le.de. Alternatively under the following server nicknames:

  • amongts3
  • apexts
  • csgots3
  • mgc-le
  • pubgts
Can I also connect with IPv6?

Yes you can. You don't have to change or adjust anything. Our server is configured in such a way that it automatically detects whether you are connecting with IPv4 or IPv6.

How many slots do you have on the server?

We currently have 256 slots. But we can increase to a maximum of 512 slots. So enough to play with your friends and their friends and their ... :). Since we currently do not need 512 slots, we are dynamically adjusting the number of slots based on the user online records :).

How do I get my own team zone?

Our team zone (your own team area within the community) is a separate area on our server that allows you to have several permanent channels (1 main channel and a maximum of 6 subchannels).

If you are interested in such an area, simply contact one of the admins on the server or use our contact form.

The team zones are based on channel groups that can be assigned by an admin or a server supervisor. No password is required to enter this channel. Users who do not belong to this team zone have no access to your area.

Please note the following:

To get your own team zone, at least these requirements should be met:

  • You are at least a member level
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You can handle channel rights responsibly
  • and you are at least 5 in a team

These requirements must be met.

Do you also have a Discord server?

In a nutshell: No!

And it will stay that way in the future. Promised!

The protection of your personal data is important to us.

How do I get my own channel?

You can easily create your own channel:

  • Right click on any channel on the server.
  • Select "Create Channel".
  • Set a name and, if necessary, a password.
  • Choose whether your channel should be temporary or semi-permanent
  • Click on "OK"

Done, your channel has now been created and you can find it at the bottom of the server!

NOTE: If you create a temporary channel, it will be deleted from the system after 30 minutes if the last user has left it. If you create a semi-permanent channel, it will be retained until the next server restart or it will be automatically deleted by our system after 2 weeks of non-use.

How does my channel become permanent?

You have exactly 2 options:

Either you contact an admin on the Teamspeak server directly and he sets it to permanent at your request, or you create a semi-permanent channel yourself and write in the channel description “Make me permanent

Then your channel will be moved to the private user channel area.

Please note the following:

If you create a temporary channel and you write "Make me permanent" in the description, this will be ignored.

If you do not use your private channel for more than 2 weeks, it will be automatically deleted from the system and you will have to request it again.

Do I get an admin rank?

You won't get an admin rank just like that. Begging for these ranks should also be avoided as much as possible. If you want to become an admin, then wait until we publish the corresponding job advertisements on our homepage and apply!

How can I add users to my team zone?

To add a user to your own team zone, the user must be in the lobby. If the member is in a different channel this will not work!

Users who are not members of the Teamzone can only be added to your own team area by Private Channel Admins and Private Channel users.

It is important that the user is in the main channel of your team zone, only then he has access to all subchannels of your team zone. Do not you want that, you draw the user only in the channel he may / should enter.

After the user is in the channel you click once on his name and then a right click. Then click on "Assign Channel Group". Then click on "Private Channel User". Finished! Already the user is registered for your teamzone.


Private Channel Admin can only be assigned an admin or server supervisor. Private channel users can also move users to the zone, but only the Channel Admin Private Channel user can distribute rights.

I lost my rank and/or group assignments

In order not to lose all settings on our server after reinstalling your computer, you will find detailed instructions on how to secure your identities here:

Instructions for securing the Teamspeak identities

If you are unable to restore your identity, please contact the team here in the support forum!


How does your ranking system work?

Our ranking system only counts the ACTIVE time on the server. That means the time you are inactive is not counted.

There are the following levels:

Guest -> you are automatically as soon as you enter our teamspeak for the first time.

Level 0 = 5 minutes

Level 1 = 10 minutes

Level 2 = 15 minutes

New Member = 45 minutes

Level 4 = 2 hours

Level 5 = 3 hours

Member = 5 hours

Level 7 = 7 hours

Level 8 = 10 hours

Level 9 = 15 hours

Bronze Member = 25 hours

Level 11 = 40 hours

Level 12 = 60 hours

Level 13 = 80 hours

Level 14 = 110 hours ≈ 5 days

Silver Member = 150 hours ≈ 6 days

Level 16 = 200 hours ≈ 8 days

Level 17 = 250 hours ≈ 10 days

Level 18 = 320 hours ≈ 13 days

Level 19 = 400 hours ≈ 17 days

Gold Member = 500 hours = 21 days

Level 21 = 720 hours = 30 days

Level 22 = 960 hours = 40 days

Level 23 = 1320 hours = 55 days

Level 24 = 1680 hours = 70 days

Elite Member = 2880 hours = 120 days

Level 26 = 4320 hours = 180 days

Level 27 = 6000 hours = 250 days

Level 28 = 8160 hours = 340 days

Level 29 = 10,920 hours = 455 days

Diamond Member = 14,400 hours = 600 days

» Warning - you usually get when it is evident that you are violating the server rules (§9 and §10). Can be converted to blocked ranking at any time.

» Ranking blocked by BOT - You get it if you violate the server rule §9. This server group is assigned to you by the bot and can only be removed from the team manually.

» Ranking blocked - you get it if you don't follow the rules. This applies in particular to the farming / claiming or "pushing" levels or non-observance of the server rules (§ 9 and § 10) and if your microphone is set incorrectly and / or transmits continuously.

» Ranking deactivated is allocated on request if no participation in the ranking is desired.