1. I was there!

    Founded and built the community in 2011

    Awarded 3 times

  2. I can do that!

    Members who belong to or have been part of the TeamSpeak administration.

    Awarded once

  3. Help! - Help? - I can help

    Members who belong to or have belonged to Teamspeak Support.

    Awarded 6 times

  4. Well invested

    Members who have contributed to the expansion of the community

    Awarded 5 times

  5. I'm new here

    You still have to activate your profile

    Awarded 3 times

  6. Welcome to the community

    You have successfully activated your profile

    Awarded 57 times

  7. Connected!

    You have successfully connected your website profile to our Teamspeak server

    Awarded 38 times

  8. A little more steam, please!

    You have not yet added your Steam profile to your user profile

    Awarded 54 times

  9. STEAMified!

    You have filled out and verified your steam profile

    Awarded 6 times

  10. Yes i have hobbies!

    Write at least two hobbies in your profile

    Awarded 2 times

  11. Kindly please

    You have uploaded your own profile picture

    Awarded 12 times

  12. A personal touch

    You have added a personal signature and a cover picture to your profile

    Awarded 5 times

  13. Mein erstes mal!

    Du hast Deinen ersten sinnvollen Beitrag verfasst

    Awarded 10 times

  14. Ab auf Dein Zimmer!

    Du hast Deinen ersten sinnlosen Beitrag verfasst

    Awarded 0 times