How can I add users to my team zone?

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To add a user to your own team zone, the user must be in the lobby. If the member is in a different channel this will not work!

Users who are not members of the Teamzone can only be added to your own team area by Private Channel Admins and Private Channel users.

It is important that the user is in the main channel of your team zone, only then he has access to all subchannels of your team zone. Do not you want that, you draw the user only in the channel he may / should enter.

After the user is in the channel you click once on his name and then a right click. Then click on "Assign Channel Group". Then click on "Private Channel User". Finished! Already the user is registered for your teamzone.


Private Channel Admin can only be assigned an admin or server supervisor. Private channel users can also move users to the zone, but only the Channel Admin Private Channel user can distribute rights.