Teamspeak synchronization / verification HowTo

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Step by step instructions - Teamspeak - synchronization / verification

  • Connect to our Teamspeak server and make sure that you are in a public channel (the synchronization / verification does not work in private channels!)
  • Then switch to our website and log in, if you haven't already, or register
  • Now navigate in the menu (top right) under “Control Center” (first symbol from left) to the point “TeamSpeak - TeamSpeak Identities” with one click or open it with a direct link
  • click on + Connect to Teamspeak identity
  • Enter any description in the Description field
  • Then select your Teamspeak name in the dropdown menu "Who are you?" (Make sure that you are in a public channel)
  • Now click on send - The | Verify-Bot has sent you a private message in Teamspeak that you open and copy the number / letter combination from the text (the easiest way is with a double click)
  • Then switch back to our website and enter the code - then click on send
  • Done - you should now have the "• Verified Member" server group.
  • In rare cases the synchronization can take up to 30 minutes, in this case simply click again on your user profile and / or on the start page

Should there still be problems or the synchronization does not work, please contact the team or write us an e-mail via the contact :) we will then activate you manually.